Younique: Why I Left and Why I Joined Farmasi

Disclosure: I am in no way what so ever intentionally bashing any Younique presenter or the company. If you believe in them, their cause, and their product; by all means keep using them! I am simply explaining my experience and my opinions on the products that led me to the decision to leave Younique.

I want to be as brutally honest as possible as I start my NEW blog Sassy and Fifty and renter the DS makeup world and grow this community. I know a lot of you have asked me why I left Younique and am now promoting a different makeup company FARMASI and I feel now is the time that everyone needs to know about me and my makeup journey; A little over 6 months ago I had been with Younique for a year and a half. Honestly, I did learn a lot about makeup and it did totally help me with my self-esteem and confidence. But this is a story I feel I need to finally share so that you will all know where I am coming from, and I also feel I owe some of my past customers an explanation that has been long coming.

So let’s start at the beginning.

It all started during the fall of 2017. My Facebook feed was filled with posts and photos about Younique, their products, and how much it had changed people’s lives. So many of my online friends were selling it, and their makeup always looked amazing! At this point in my life, the only makeup I knew was drugstore mascara, I had just lost my mom and grandma only a week apart and I need something to occupy my time. My mom always said that she knew when I was having a good or bad day by my appearance, so after seeing some many lovely ladies promoting Younique, I thought why not do it for your mom, do it for yourself most importantly. Fast forward a few months, and I finally decide to try Younique, and by try I mean sign up. That’s right, I signed up before ordering any products.

More than anything though, I loved what the company stood for. Uplift and Empower.

In March of 2017, I received my kit.

When my kit came in, I was extremely excited. I immediately shared a picture of the kit and my Younique link, because I was determined to make this business work.  And of course, I joined all the groups that help you get information on products, share promotion graphics, and “help” each other. I jumped into the company, I did everything I was being told.

Now On To WHY I left:


The first reason I left, and probably the biggest, was because I realized the quality of the products was not nearly as good as I thought, or worth the money in my opinion. In the groups, I constantly saw our products being “compared” to other high-end products, and I was so impressed. The prices seemed similar, but supposedly our products was a lot better because you did not have to use as much product.

As I stated, I was brand new to the world of makeup, especially the high-end makeup lines. So I would blindly share the graphics claiming that Younique products were so much better. And looking back, I really wish I had actually triedthe products that we were comparing our products to before I shared them. Even now, I would disagree with a lot of claims.

Some products in particular that started to bother me were the mascaras (mainly what the company is really known for), the lipsticks especially the stains, and the shadows. Which was a huge issue with me because that’s the key to a lot of looks.

The 3D Fiber Lash Mascara was a whirlwind. Firstly, I want you to know that I do not support two-step fiber lash products. The fibers often end up in the eyes, all over the face, and frankly can look like spider webs. I remember the first time using it I followed the instructions to the letter and ended up with fibers in my eyes all day long. Then someone suggested taking tissue and rolling the wand with the fibers on that so the fibers were not so loose. That helped a little but not much. Then came the launching of there Epic Mascara and Esteem Lash Serum. I did not get a chance to try the lash serum but did get to try the epic, which the first tube of it was amazing and actually gave this no lashes girl some lashes, not lashes that would go to my eyebrows like some were commenting they could get it to do. But, then came the second tube, and it was terrible, my dollar store mascara worked better than that second tube.

Lip-stains should actually stain! It was so disappointing to me when my lip-stain only lasted a few hours, well others were saying it lasted all day for them. That I should do this and this before applying it. But it still did not work, so why would I push a product that did not work? I had to layer it up to get even pigment and then reapply throughout the day. The lipsticks, like classic lipsticks, were okay, but nothing to write home about.

The cream shadows crease like crazy and not only that I was allergic to something in them “but they are all-natural” and the palettes to me even with primer on were pretty bland and definitely not highly pigmented. Pretty simply, I feel my knock-off Huda and Anastasia’s palettes are better than the Younique palettes. The shadows work, and I still use my Moodstruck Palette 1 for my eyebrows. But that is literally it. The colors are just boring. And for $49 I would rather purchase one from another company (such as Tarte or Too-Faced) or just save my money. When I first tried the cream shadows, I will be totally honest I hated them. I felt they were hard to apply even with the special cream shadow brush you have to buy separately, they blended horribly for me. They also dry out very fast and become clumpy in the container. Then one day I put on the color unapologetic, which I believe the orange one was called, well within 20 minutes of applying it my eye started to swell and itch, so I removed it right away, well it just got worse and I ended up going to the doctor for it because in my crease was a nice size very raw spot that was cracked open, he  asked if I had used any new makeup recently  and I said yes, he then stated it was an allergic reaction. I asked him how that could be it is supposed to be all natural.

At the end of the day, we were told to preach how great they were, but I was failing to see how they were really that “great”. So, therefore, I could not push something I did not believe in, with my whole heart.

The Business “Plan”

It seems they often target moms who have never been that into makeup. Every graphic I saw being shared seemed like they were constantly saying their product could be used by anyone, with short amounts of time, and really aimed the sign-up graphics at stay at home moms. It would constantly be like “Oh make some side money from the ease of your cellphone while your toddler naps” and “Make a side income for your family” and the pictures would often have women holding kids or something of that nature. The problem here is, if you don’t know that much about makeup before signing up, it is easier for the other presenters and the company to convince you that the products are extremely high quality for a low price. And it is easier for you to push sales on other moms because they will relate to you. Being new to makeup, I was one of those who believed our products were the holy grails of makeup.

And a lot of times, when you spend so much money buying all the “new” Younique products (or whatever they were pushing that month), you don’t have money to go out and buy products from other brands.

But it really seemed like they were wanting it to seem like you were using their products in every step of your routine. Which wasn’t true for me. But in order to push a variety of products, you had to act like Younique replaced all your previously favorite products. A lot of people started not including certain parts of their routine in their tutorials or live videos so that you wouldn’t see that that presenter didn’t support/use certain products.

I also became really uncomfortable watching people who knew nothing about makeup trying to give people advice about what products to use. Honestly, at the time, I struggled to give advice. When so many of the presenters are so new to makeup, or to full faces of makeup, how can they properly help the customer? During some of my lives, I actually had potential customers telling me what I should be doing.

Then there was the double standard, develop relationships with your FB friends, and then the next second it was send out at least 25 private messages to people each day, which to me is cold messaging, no matter how you word it and I will never cold message.

The Price Point

As I have said already, I was new to the world of more “high-end” makeup. And the price tags I had seen at Sephora were scary to me. Frankly, I really didn’t have the money to spend on the high-end things either. Which is another way Younique reeled me in? Because I could get a “ton” of high-quality makeup at a low price. And the more people ordered from me, the more I could buy! Yay right?


Not only do you have to sell a certain amount to be “an active presenter”, but every time they come out with new products you feel pushed to buy them so you can show them to your clients. Which, if you aren’t selling that much product, you end up spending more money than you are making. Which is what happened to me. I was spending way more than I was making.

The products aren’t that reasonably priced anyways. Everyone is like “oh it’s so great! Yeah, it’s a little expensive, but it compares to great high-end products”. No. No, it doesn’t. Their liquid foundation is $39 for 0.68fl oz, Kat Von D Lock It Foundation is $35 for 1.0fl oz, and Tarte Rainforest of the Sea is $39 for 1.0fl oz. You get more product from both and they are all relatively the same price. But, when this is pointed out to anyone from Younique you will hear “well you don’t have to use as much of our product as you do theirs.” So wrong again you use the same amount maybe even less with the others.

Losing Myself

I am usually a very honest person. You will find throughout my blog as I continue to build this community, that I am brutally honest. I will not bite my tongue when I don’t like something. And over time, I felt I couldn’t post about anything Younique because I couldn’t be honest about my feelings on the products. I was on YouTube one day and I was watching a few of the videos about why I left Younique and so, but then I stumbled across a couple of ladies that had absolutely nothing to do with Younique what so ever but had been sent some products to sample an give an honest review on. I learned a lot that day from both ladies. It was a very eye-opening day.

And more than anything, I learned that I do not like first impressions when it comes to reviewing or trying to sell a product. Because my first impression of so many of the products was great, and people would buy them because of my opinion of them being so high. But with continued use, my opinion seemed to change quite a bit. I would notice things that I didn’t notice at first, and I would feel like crap that anyone had purchased something believing that I supported and loved it. When over time, I grew to strongly dislike so many of the products.

When I first signed up in 2017, I had the intention of starting a blog surrounding my makeup journey. And Younique is one reason that it took me until now, June 2019, to finally start a makeup oriented blog and join another DS makeup company that this time I have thoroughly researched, FARMASI has been in business for 67 years and has just opened up here in the US back in January 2019 I looked for reviews all over the place on Youtube, Google, Yahoo, Groups and more and found nothing negative at all about them. After Younique I wasn’t sure I could really share a bluntly honest opinion of products anymore. But after researching, I am pretty darn sure that I can with this company.

I feel like I should mention that I am a direct sales stylist with Plunder Design, a jewelry company that sells unique, trendy and vintage-inspired jewelry.

To be honest, for a while I felt I could not see myself enjoying another DS makeup company. I didn’t want to fall into another rabbit hole like Younique. And more than anything, I want to be 100% transparent here, and I feel like being a part of makeup or fashion oriented company would hinder my ability to. Or I would be my normal honest self, and simply not sell enough for it to be worth it. But, after doing so much research on FARMASI I felt  I could go back to doing something I love. The price point is amazing and you don’t have to break the bank, the commission is outstanding so you feel like you are actually making money because you are. With a 50% commission how could you not go wrong and it starts at 50% from the day you sign up! The women are amazing and no one judges anyone. I am in no way trying to recruit anyone, I am just being totally and brutally honest here with my opinions.

Final Thoughts!

I really want to emphasize a few things. I actually wrote this a few days ago, but I wanted to hold onto it before publishing because I knew I would have a few things to say. Talking about this always gets me emotional, because I jumped into Younique with so many hopes and dreams. And I feel like they crashed down around me.

Here’s the thing, if you like Younique and the products, that is perfectly fine! I won’t be mad, I genuinely don’t care. We all like different things! And I am a brutally honest person, which means I will put every flaw I see out there. But the flaws I see, may not be flaws to you. Everyone has the right to their own opinions!

I have friends who sell Younique, and I fully support them! If they are passionate about it, they truly love the products, and they can make a business out of it; more power to them! You do you. But for me, I can’t stand behind a product I don’t like wholeheartedly. I get the “I am relatable aspect” but at the same time, I feel that selling a product that you are new to makes it hard for you to be unbiased. If you are new to makeup, you can’t tell me it works better than all these products you haven’t used.

I also know that there a lot of people who love the products and will probably see this and blame me for not liking it, or feel like I wasn’t “successful” with the company and that’s why I am so negative about the brand. It’s not. I still use the primer. I don’t think all their products are crap, but the reason I was unsuccessful is that I had a hard time truly selling the product when I couldn’t stand fully behind it.

At the end of the day, I am not trying to turn anyone away from the company. I am just giving my honest opinions on the products, and the “business” opportunity.

PS: I just want y’all to know that I hold no resentment towards anyone who helped me sign up. Nor do I to my upline (she was totally amazing and is still an amazing woman). It took a lot of courage for me to let her know that I was leaving Younique. But being the wonderful and amazing person she is she totally understood my reasonings. She is doing great with Younique and I am so proud of her and her success with them

This was a journey that really helped me get more comfortable diving into makeup because I was willing to try things more than before. If it wasn’t for Younique I would still be getting in my own way, not stepping out of my comfort zone and wearing just mascara! So I hold no ill will towards Younique or any of its presenters and I wish them well and much success!


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