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Welcome to Farmasi Opportunity World

The Farmasi Opportunity Guide explains the different benefits you will encounter in your new journey with Farmasi. With our amazing opportunities, you will feel happy and beautiful with innovative products, financially successful with our highly-profitable compensation plan, free and flexible by becoming your own boss.

All around the world we are working hard to discover entrepreneurs and introduce them to our wonderful opportunities. Up to date, Farmasi products have been sold in 125 countries in the form of traditional retail. But now our only focus is in Direct Selling. Farmasi has been extremely successful and growing faster than ever seen before in all the 25 countries we work within the direct selling industry.

Farmasi has 69 years of experience with innovation and product development. All of the products are formulated and developed in-house at our integrated factory. We recommend you to try and feel the difference. You definitely will love it.

You are Earning!

Now you are part of a highly-profitable environment. Use it, Earn it! – Use the products you get with huge discounts (50% right from day one) and incentives. Recommend it, Earn it!

Recommend the products you like and start earning unlimited income. Build up your Team/Downline, Earn it! – People who will see your earnings and high commissions will join your team. Then their network will see the results and join them. Eventually, a huge team is built and your income potential is limitless!

You are Social and Flexible!

You are in a world of seminars, training, and social events. 
You are interacting with many people every single day. You are working hard to change their lives and make them happier. So learn and improve yourself. There are amazing holidays and travel opportunities for you to explore the world. We will guide you on how to achieve and climb up all steps. Then you will grow within your group and guide your group. There is no better feeling than touching people’s lives in such positive ways and build success stories. Always be proud of these stories


You will be using innovative products. You can choose your favorite products from a variety of different product groups.


You can introduce the benefits and opportunities of FARMASİ products anytime, anywhere and to anyone. Invite them to become part of this world of benefits.

  • Anytime: There is not a specific time to introduce the benefits of FARMASİ. Every moment is a new opportunity for you to raise your earnings. As life goes on, the opportunities continue as well along with new opportunities.
  • Anywhere: There is not a specific place to introduce the benefits of FARMASİ: in the park, in the grocery store, in the restaurant, in the coffee house, in the movie theatre, during the match, in the school, in the bus, in the metro… Your potential entrepreneurs are waiting for you everywhere in order to beautify themselves and from you any earning opportunity.
  • Anyone: You can introduce the benefits of FARMASI to anyone at any age. With more than 2,000 varieties of products, FARMASI keeps your opportunities to benefits constantly growing.


You should absolutely share and explain what, when and how you achieved it with FARMASİ. Each social environment face-to-face, on phone, on social media, in the park, in the garden, in the shopping malls, in the restaurant, in the theatre, in the bus, during the match, in the school- is an opportunity to start communication with other people.


Follow up with your customers. Ask them for their feedback about the products and the service they get. Follow up with them with new products. Help them to find the best fit their specific problem.

Starter Kit & Welcome Product Pack

When you sign up to become a Farmasi beauty consultant, you will have the chance to purchase the welcome kit. This kit includes many products and brochures for new recruits. Not only is it a very helpful sales tool, but it also gives you very discounted prices on our products. You can start for as low as $19.99. And you also have the option to purchase a $49.99 kit or $125 Kit, but both of those are optional!

Welcome Program

When you sign up for Farmasi, the first 4 months are very important. These are the most important steps in your new career. If you successfully develop yourself during these initial 4 months, we believe that you will continue growing your team and become successful. That’s why we will support you during these 4 months. If you accumulate 200 personal points in each of your first 4 months, you will get the following products for free.

There is even more:

  • Founders Club
  • Team Building Program
  • Personal Bonus
  • Group Bonus
  • Leadership Bonus
  • Second Generation Leadership Bonus
  • Title Change Bonus
  • Car Allowance
  • Cash Bonus
  • Bonus Titles
  • Farmasi World Discovery Program

Message me for more details, I will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have!