Building Your Beauty Kit – Day 9 Makeup

How to Do the Perfect Eyebrow

Eyebrows are one of the most misunderstood areas of your makeup game, and having an understanding of eyebrows is crucial.

Many women want to add a dramatic eyebrow into every makeup application, but an inappropriate eyebrow can age you, distort the shape of your face, provide an unwanted emotion or take away from the desired focal point of your makeup.

Tweezers and scissors are your first line of defense against offensive brows. With these tools, you can create a shape as well as adjust thickness and length. Everyone should have a great pair of slant tweezers as well as safety scissors, which are essential for trimming and adjusting. I also recommend carrying a brush or comb for setting the brow hairs into place.

Many women leave eyebrow pencils out of their makeup kits but don’t make that mistake pencils are a must-have. Pencils work perfectly on brows because the marks sit on top of the skin and add dimension, providing volume to flat or thin brows. You can use them to fill in sparse or patchy eyebrows with a natural look that mimics missing hairs. I prefer mechanical pencils, as the thinner tip allows for precise application and appears more natural. All my favorites come from Farmasi.

Shadows and other powder-based products bring dimension and depth to brows, especially those that might be on the full side. They are also ideal for long wear and allow a range of effects from natural to dramatic. I prefer those that are dense in pigment and have a matte finish. Try and match them to your hair color.

Gels and waxes are wonderful for lightening a darker brow or holding a disorderly one in place. Softening or sculpting the brow can take years off of the face and can help spotlight certain elements of the face. For example, if you want the focus to be a smoky eye, lightening up the eyebrow a few shades can direct attention where you want or need it. Many brands have amazing brow gels, but some of my favorite shades come from Farmasi.

PRO TIP: For a modern brow, you need to see skin and individual hairs. Aim to have high and low points in every brow look you create. A great pro trick is to use a brow pen or gel liner with a small precision brush to mimic the look of individual hairs. Just a few subtle strokes can make even the thinnest or most over-tweezed eyebrows look terrific.

Great eyebrows are a secret essential element. When applied correctly, an eyebrow frames the eye, flatters the face, and provides balance without competing with the rest of your makeup. Be prepared to deliver the perfect eyebrow with every application, and your makeup will always be spot-on perfect.

Eyebrows are my serious downfall, I can never get them right. No matter how much I try, even with stencils, I can not get them right 9 times out of 10. If you have any secrets please comment them below!

Up next in our series Building Your Beauty Kit we will be talking about the complete guide to eyeshadow! So stay tuned!

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