Building Your Beauty Kit – Day 5 Makeup

Now that you have your basic bag system set up, it’s time to figure out how you can compartmentalize. The most important thing to think in organizing your kit is to think about what you can do to make carrying it and locating your makeup as easy as possible. If you closely observe your own makeup application methods, you will see the patterns emerge in the order of your products, and will start to organize them perfectly and in a way to keep them easily accessible. 

With any makeup kit, I highly suggest separating it into multiple categories. So what I do is divide the product and tools in my kit into the areas of application, for example, the foundation with foundation, powders with powders, and all brow products together. I also like to combine my product in the order in which I tend to apply makeup. I find this helps me to be the most organized. So now that you’ve organized your product it’s onto the fun part—storage! Below you will see some of my favorite makeup storage ideas.


There are many options available for dividing and organizing your product into separate sections. My preference is just a Ziploc bag it allows me to see everything and set up only what I need. Ziploc bags are an inexpensive option for arranging and organizing your kit. They will allow you to separate your categories into sections and make it easy for you to find whatever product you are looking for.

But if you prefer to carry something sturdier and a little sturdier than Ziplocs to hold your makeup. There are many options available at all price points. I would suggest checking out MAKEUPBAG they have a huge selection which come in various shapes and sizes. They are great for storing in your kit or carrying with you. They are also resilient and work well to put into any bag, making the most of small spaces.

Travel Sizes

Travel-sized bottles are a terrific way to make your kit more lightweight. Pouring liquids into generic 2 to 3 oz. bottles allow you to travel with your kit and provides more than enough product for a few days or up to a week. transferring your creams from their original containers and putting them in smaller sized containers can also guarantee that you are preserving your product longer by exposing smaller amounts. you can find this amazing little 12 piece package on AMAZON

Palettes as Organizers

Palettes are an ideal way to keep all of your product together and carry a maximum amount of product, taking up minimal space. You can purchase palettes pre-made or you can buy empty palettes and fill them with your own product. Whether you are transferring powder and cream products from their pans or cutting down lipsticks, you will find a number of empty palette options in every price point. I personally like Z Palette.

Creative Organizers

To get organized, you can always get creative with everyday products and adapt them to makeup containers. Sectioned pill containers and bobbin containers are ideal options for producing your own palettes, and pencil cases are great for carrying lipliner, eyeliner, mascara, and more. I also love checking out craft stores, hardware stores, and office supply stores to see what else I can transform for my kit.

Hope you are enjoying how to Build Your Beauty Kit – Up Next we are going to talk brushes! See ya soon!

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