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Building Your Beauty Kit – Day 4 Makeup

So you want a kit that works best for you? Then let’s start with the bag. A makeup kit may be all about the product, but how it’s stored and transported are huge factors to consider. If you are just going to need a few items there is no reason to be lugging a suitcase around full of your makeup and an easily avoidable problem.

When first thinking about makeup storage, ask yourself two questions: 1. What is reasonable for you to carry? And, 2. Are you bringing product you really don’t need? I try to address these questions by using three different bags: one for at home, one for the job (never know when you will need a touch-up or go from day to night), and one for traveling. My home kit is much bigger and less portable compared to my job kit. My travel kit is always durable and in-flight ready; made up of slim, easy-to-pack palettes and TSA-approved sizes(always make sure they are TSA-approved) that stand up to the rough-and-tumble life of travel.

There are Dollar Store cases and pieces of Louis Vuitton bags for every kind of lifestyle. That aside, remember that makeup cases are not purses, and you don’t have to carry an expensive designer label. Rather, clear functionality, ease of portability, convenience, and price take higher priority than aesthetics. When in doubt, keep it simple and keep it clean.

Your kit’s organization system should work for you in the present, and also accommodate future product growth. Options abound from bags and briefcases to old-school tackle boxes and tool kits, but once you decide what fits into your budget, you’ll have the foundation on which to build your kit. So now let’s check out some different ideas for cases and bags.

Carrying Cases and Backpacks

If you’re looking for an option to hand carry instead of roll, opt for a special briefcase or backpack. Unlike wheeled alternatives, these bags are great for travel and transport because they prevent less wear and tear from the constant hauling and lugging of frequent travel. The carry-on sizes are engineered with multiple pockets and pouches for maximum storage space and are easy to separate into categories while keeping your makeup safe.

But all in all, it comes down to preference. A backpack can be great if you use mass transit a lot. However, it does not allow you to carry much more than your must-haves for your touch-ups or day to night look. A carrying case or briefcase is great for organizing but keeps your hands constantly full and they can be awful heavy to lug around all day. Most do come with a shoulder strap but can cause back or neck strain.

Popular brand briefcases such as the Makeup For Ever and MAC Cosmetics Carry All, or any other hands-free backpacks.

Train Cases and Tackle Boxes

When it comes to organizing makeup, people have adapted so many different things. I used a peanut butter jar to hold all my lip liners and a mason jar to hold all my brushes. When I first started doing makeup anything was game. I turned an old VCR tape rack to store my makeup, I have used an old metal cookie tin for my individual eyeshadow colors. But a tackle box is an amazing basic container that has sectioned-off areas of different shapes and sizes—allowing you to keep yourself to be as organized as fishermen. The great thing about a tackle box is it does not take up much room and forces you to make decisions about every item you buy and bring with you. My personal favorite is the Caboodles Rose Gold Adored Train Case from Ulta

Luggage and Roll-Aboards

Any piece of luggage can be converted into a makeshift kit holder if you commit to editing down your product and using some imagination. I prefer suitcases that are waterproof with hard construction and durable wheels, they are ideal for protecting your product. These cases stand up to wear and tear and can take a beating for hardcore travelers. Their designs feel young and fun, and they have enough room to fit anything I need and want with me. I absolutely love the Triforce Cape Town Cheetah Print Carry On Spinner with it’s matching little beauty case, sold separately.

If you start really getting into the makeup you then will need to upgrade to a professional level makeup case.

That’s it for today folks stay tuned for tomorrow’s Day 5 of Building Your Beauty Kit!

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